It’s my 2023 resolution to simplify the littany of software/hardware tools I’ve accumulated over the years. Use lesser tools without compromising productivity
Looking back at 2022 🎉 Bought a new home 🤯 2022-02-22 Joined Caper as Head of Android 🙈 Got Covid Put productivity system in place Setup Mac Mini server, Tailscale & Homebridge Introduced Henry 2.0 & major updates to the blog Moved domain name over to kau.sh 2022 Goals ✅ Moved from goofy jkl.gg → kau.sh Make home smarter ✅ Automated blind shades ✅ Clean network topology (LAN in all rooms) Smart Alarm Video Camera feed inside ✅ Unify all of existing systems with Homebridge Resume Fragmented Learn to play two songs on the Piano Learning Kotlin Coroutines by example Revive TrueTime from the dead (Kotlinify + new algorithm) Health & Fitness get to 170lbs (started the year at 185lbs) go from 36inches → 32inches 2023 Goals (Hobby) Fix & start playing my Tabla (Health) Play Tennis once a week (Learning) Read 6 books this year (Programming) Revive TrueTime from the dead (Kotlin-ify + new algorithm) (Programming) Learning Kotlin Coroutines by example (Programming) Henry 2.


From my 2020 post: 2019 has been the year that’s primed me the most for life changes. I imagine 2020 will the be the one where a lot of these changes materialize. … that’s cute. If you’re reading this in the future and suprised why, I suggest this Netflix mockumentary. Contagion style blazing dumpster fire year aside, it’s been hard to find the motivation to write this post. But reading my previous years’ posts, I’m usually grateful past me took the time to capture my thinking, priorities and general frame of reference.


2019 has been the year that’s primed me the most for life changes. I imagine 2020 will the be the one where a lot of these changes materialize. 2019 Recap Practice Vim for 30 days Not only did I successfully try it for 30 days, I now use vim as my primary text editor of choice and absolutley love it. It deserves a separate post though. Blogging + screencasting? I wrote 12 posts last year so I’m pretty happy with the 1-post-per-month average.


So i’ve been doing these kinds of posts for sometime now. Truth is i’ve been inconsistent with the format. Sometimes these are reflection posts (what happened last year) and other times they are resolutions posts (what i’m looking forward to in the next year). Usually it lands up being an amalgam of both, and I kind of like that personally. So i’m going to stick to keeping it a mishmash of thoughts as i begin the new year.


I know it’s almost the end of January but I like to take my time with these posts. You can take a look at my previous year-end posts here. In addition to just jotting things I was most proud/happy about this year, I also want to note down some of my learnings. There were many overwhelming moments that led to much introspection. I want to try and document some of those moments here (atleast the less embarrassing ones).


I finished 2014 not having the slightest clue what would be in store. 2015 was a rollercoaster: I started a new podcast Fragmented (with my cohost and now friend Donn Felker), bought my childhood dream car (a Mini Cooper), got a new job (Wedding Party was acquired by Instacart), visited NY for the first time (for a talk I gave at DroidCon NYC) and finally - this one really stumped me - moved to San Francisco.


i love the holidays. i especially love the new year’s though cause it’s an acceptable time to hit that big-nice-red reset button. stuff I wanted to get done in 2013/2014 get back in shape (significant progress on this front) get more sleep (been getting atleast 6 hours, which is good, now to bump it to 7) get really good at Rails (switched gears and became an android developer. i like to think i’m a pretty decent one too) get a job after my masters stuff done in 2013/2014: joined wedding party i joined as a full-time rails dev but landed up becoming a full-time android dev for them.


My last post didn’t exactly end in an optimistic note. Let’s correct that: Wishing you all a happy, joyous and peaceful 2013 folks! The Mayans predicted that the world-as we know it-would end but we’re still here standing (cheers to that). The new year is a time to reflect and wipe the slate clean. People advice against making new year resolutions but I do them anyway. I like taking a look back at my previous resolutions.


2009 was good. I didn’t do to well in terms of fulfilling my resolutions last year, but I’ve got a great feeling about 2010. Here’s 2010’s resolutions: Get my website/blog back up I’ve been saying this for too long now. 2010 WILL see this task done. Period.. Read one book a month I sought to do something similar in 2009, instead I tweaked my rss feeds and lived like an information junkie.


It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m all set with my resolutions. Until I started seriously blogging (which-if you believe-would be around mid 2008), I never really saw the point in drawing up these lists. It felt lame, pointless and a waste of time. But with the advent of my blogging ways, I realize that maintaining a resolution-list would help keep check and achieve my goals/ambitions much faster. Besides, 365 days from now it will be nice to see how my priorities and views might have changed.