i love the holidays. i especially love the new year’s though cause it’s an acceptable time to hit that big-nice-red reset button.

stuff I wanted to get done in 2013/2014

  1. get back in shape (significant progress on this front)
  2. get more sleep (been getting atleast 6 hours, which is good, now to bump it to 7)
  3. get really good at Rails (switched gears and became an android developer. i like to think i’m a pretty decent one too)
  4. get a job after my masters

stuff done in 2013/2014:

joined wedding party

i joined as a full-time rails dev but landed up becoming a full-time android dev for them. we have some of the craziest, smartest and fun loving peeps in the industry. i’m absolutely loving my time here.

released a lot of new android stuff

besides releasing a tonne of cool features for wedding party, i managed to ship two big android projects: Android-floatlabel and learning Android-RxJava, both of which have been received pretty well by the open source community

new blog design

i changed this blog’s design (again) to match my homepage. i’m really happy with this iteration of the design. i think it has just the right balance of minimalism, simplicity and style

getting fit(ter)

i’m a regular again at the gym. i was probably at my fittest around 2007 and i’ve still got a long way to go, before i get to that shape again. but i’m getting there.

overall, 2013/2014 went by in a jiffy and was a total win!

stuff I want to do in 2015:

start playing the piano

this is an area i’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon. i don’t do enough sound-engineering or music anymore. i’m thinking of getting a piano/synthesizer and just start jamming again.

travel to atleast two new places that i’ve never been

a bunch of my close friends and i love traveling and we hit a high in 2013 (just after graduation). it was amazing until 2014, where i’ve hit a complete travel slump.

release an independent (android) app

i’ve always wanted to build the Day One app for android (given that they are probably never going to1). there are very few high-quality journaling apps on android. i think this is a personal itch that i’m going to try to scratch.

here’s to a happy adventurous and exciting 2015!

  1. 3 years later, Day One released an Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dayoneapp.dayone ↩︎