It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m all set with my resolutions. Until I started seriously blogging (which-if you believe-would be around mid 2008), I never really saw the point in drawing up these lists. It felt lame, pointless and a waste of time. But with the advent of my blogging ways, I realize that maintaining a resolution-list would help keep check and achieve my goals/ambitions much faster. Besides, 365 days from now it will be nice to see how my priorities and views might have changed.

Brace yourself:

Start Regularly Gymming again

In 2006-2007 I morphed from a whooping 100kg couch potato to a 70kg cardio-freak. From the start-mid 2008, I was diligent with my gymming and en-route to my distant dream 6-pack. Time to start putting up Arnold posters again.

Read the gazillion books just bought

One of the many good habits my brother passed on to me, is a love for reading books. What the bugger also passed on was an insatiable need to purchase all the awesomest books around. 2008 gave us Reality Check, Outliers, Tribes, Presentation Zen… all of which I already posses a copy of. This is apart from the many books I purchased in 2007 but never got the time to fully read.

Get Sketching

I was at one point of time(sometime between the 7th and 9th grades) quite a decent artist. After my 10th (board exams), I completely left this and continued only to pursue my musical inclinations. I want to revive that lost interest and talent. Vector Graphics is also something I’m seriously looking at.

Learn Arabic

I love learning languages. I’ve spent a major part of my life in the middle-east and it’s a shame I haven’t picked the language up yet. The fascinating thing about Arabic is that the script is really easy. I can in fact read and write Arabic pretty well. Each time I try to speak though, my bakala owner thinks I’m a retard.

There is no later, only now! It is my ardent belief that the number one productivity-killer is procrastination. I’ve fallen short of quite a few of my goals this year primarily for this reason. No more!

It’s a modest list, one that currently seems doable. Time will tell…