2009 was good. I didn’t do to well in terms of fulfilling my resolutions last year, but I’ve got a great feeling about 2010. Here’s 2010’s resolutions:

Get my website/blog back up

I’ve been saying this for too long now. 2010 WILL see this task done. Period..

Read one book a month

I sought to do something similar in 2009, instead I tweaked my rss feeds and lived like an information junkie. No regrets though. i’ve learned and gathered much more information than I would have reading just books. The problem though is that my attention span has dwindled to an alarming low. Going to take care of that.

Get fit, get a Tattoo!

I recently watched the movie Avatar with my folks. Both my bro and I were fascinated with the movie and in particular, Sam Worthington’s tattoo. My mom remarked, if you can get as fit as him, then i’ll pick the tattoo for you. This was mind-blowing for me. You see my family is an extremely pious one, and the fact that my mom would even hint at the possibility of me getting a tattoo made me giddy with joy.. This isn’t going to be done in a year. But I want that tattoo so bad :)

(Tried googling around for a pic of the tattoo, this link is the best I could come up with. )

Happy New Year folks ! Here’s wishing your 2010 is ten times more snappier and jolly than you hope it to be. What are you planning for this 2010?