Blog post explaining a reliable way to use the Option key on macOS for keyboard shortcuts instead of special characters.
After trying multiple email apps, I’ve found an approach using Gmail itself that has gotten me the most success with Inbox 0


Toggle window resizing, moving or snapping with these Keyboard Maestro macros
It’s my 2023 resolution to simplify the littany of software/hardware tools I’ve accumulated over the years. Use lesser tools without compromising productivity


How I have my productivity system setup using Things and a monthly logging system


Given how many movies and TV shows we’ve been watching these days, it’s useful to have a personal rating system. I’ve used and tweaked this scale over time and it’s worked pretty well for me. How to use this system The scale ranges from 0-51 but coming up with a specific number off the top of your head is tricky. That’s where the associated descriptions comes in handy. Consider a movie and see if how you feel about the movie, matches with the associated descriptions.


tl;dr: brew install yqrashawn/goku/goku mkdir -p ~/.config && cd ~/.config touch karabiner/karabiner.json touch karabiner.edn # update your edn file with a sample from here https://github.com/yqrashawn/GokuRakuJoudo/blob/master/tutorial.md # or mine: https://gist.github.com/kaushikgopal/ff7a92bbc887e59699c804b59074a126 goku Background I’ve been messing with mechanical keyboards recently.1 There was one in particular which is a 60% layout that I fell in love with. The trouble with 60% keyboards though is that they can be pretty constraining for some basic operations (like navigation).