Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke in a tweet last year mentioned why he uses the Rectangle app even through Raycast has some of these options already. Rectangle allows you to “toggle” the window to different positions.

I was inspired by this and wanted to be able to do the same. But in keeping with my theme to Simplify, I didn’t want to add a new tool to my arsenal.

Keyboard Maestro1 to the rescue!

This set of macros allow you to toggle between a few states:

  1. Toggle to the left ½ ¼ ⅔ of the screen (with the same shortcut)
  2. Toggle to the right ½ ¼ ⅔ of the screen
  3. Toggle full screen and back
  4. Toggle to the center of the screen and back
  5. Toggle vertically

Download the Keyboard Maestro Macro group here.

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