Quick video demonstrating kscript + github copilot (unlock your scripting powers)
A shell script that will pull new blog posts from your feed and automatically post to Mastodon.


A few Kotlin constructs have been introduced into the language over time. I wrote this post as a personal/public service advisory to remind us of their significance. Would love to credit img owner 1. fun interface (SAM) 1.1. (vs) function types 2. type alias 3. import alias 4. value class 5. data object Revisions 1. fun interface (SAM) Many languages (like Java) did not initially treat functions as first-class citizens.


This feature is beneficial for projects defining custom source sets, since the compilation of independent source sets can be parallelized. In the case of multiplatform projects, targets for different platforms can also be built in parallel. For Android, the debug and release build types can be compiled in parallel. This sounds pretty cool, however I paused to think how often would i need the debug and release build types to be compiled in parallel?


We recently held our semi-annual hackathon at Instacart - the Carrot Wars 2018! In putting this hackathon together, I noticed a pretty blaring gap - there wasn’t a simple (and free) online service that would quickly tabulate the results for a hackathon event. We looked around and found some nifty options, but most of them were a tad bit too expensive for our liking. They also were not setup for a single event use or required a monthly subscription.
Checkout this quick blog post I wrote for my company, tweaking the existing Kotlin TODO to work towards our requirements. While I don’t think this solution is a panacea for all your missing code snippets, I have found some luck with this method, in adding accountability for those PR review feedback comments you say you’ll get to, but conveniently forget :) Here’s a bonus if you’re reading this article from here: