Every time I create a new post in this blog I like to toot or tweet about it. Instead of manually doing this, I have my Mac Mini run a little shell script on a cron job, that does this automatically for me.

You can download the source for this script over at github. The way it works is pretty simple:

  • Download my latest blog feed as a json file.
  • Check for any new blog posts.
  • Compares with a local CSV file that records previous toots.
  • Posts new toots to Mastodon1

Running the script is trivially easy (and it’s all in Kotlin) so it’s easy to follow the logic. All you need to do to run this script is:

brew install kotlin
kotlin tootbot.main.kts

That’s it! Just remember to update the variables at the top of the file.

  1. Not doing Twitter for obvious reasons↩︎