A nifty fish shell script that allows you to just hit enter and get useful directory information like git status or directory list.
A bunch of useful cli commands for converting & editing images & PDF files
If you’re a programmer these days, you probably spend a large part of your day in git. If you’re a command line zealot like me, you realize the holy ways of using your Terminal app for everything and aren’t seduced by fancy GUIs that only stand to dissuade you from pure unbridled productivity. With that in mind, one typically finds themselves in a position where they have a few files that have changed liked so:
We recently held our semi-annual hackathon at Instacart - the Carrot Wars 2018! In putting this hackathon together, I noticed a pretty blaring gap - there wasn’t a simple (and free) online service that would quickly tabulate the results for a hackathon event. We looked around and found some nifty options, but most of them were a tad bit too expensive for our liking. They also were not setup for a single event use or required a monthly subscription.