Great companies maintain their insurgent mindset, for fear of becoming complacent and irrelevant over time. Push decision making down to single-threaded DRIs Single-threaded is tech jargon that simply means solely focused on a single area. The single threaded DRI is the most senior person whose only job is to run a given product or initiative, this will typically be a product management or engineering leader. Leverage shared services to minimize duplication
I’d like to show you how I use Tailscale and a Mac mini in my office to achieve some nifty things. Tailscale is marketed as a zero-config VPN built on top of WireGuard that securely connects devices and manages firewall rules etc. While all of that might be true, think of it this way: Tailscale allows you to securely connect to a machine at home from anywhere on the internet.


The Bentwits So Ben Thompson1 recently tweeted: I’ve been using Android for the last couple of weeks, and honestly, the core OS is pretty good! The big problem is that Android apps are garbage relative to iOS apps. If developers actually care about pushing back against Apple they should give a damn. They don’t. He then went on to attribute the garbage quality of Android apps to developer laziness. This understandably infuriated some of us #AndroidDev unleashing the droid rage.
If you’re in tech and have been thinking about your work and role in your company, I highly encourage you to watch this talk by Tanya Reilly 1 Setting myself a reminder to rewatch this again 6 months from now. Such a phenomenal speaker and powerful story telling! Follow her @whereistanya ↩︎


I’ve been dipping my toes into some iOS development recently. Nothing too crazy, just pairing with some colleagues and trying to see how we can jointly improve the technical design on both platforms 1. It so happens that Apple just finished it’s annual conference WWDC, so I’ve been following the announcements closer this timer around. In that process, I ran across a tweet (from Jeff Nadeau who’s a developer working at Apple):


when Billy Joel was on the Jimmy Falon show and they used the iPad app “Looper”, i immediately looked for the android equivalent. there wasn’t one. i’m an android developer and a sound engineer (enthusiast) so obviously the right thing to do, was build one… i spent about two weeks and then gave up on the project cause it demanded far more time than i initially anticipated. the linked article is a fantastic read and summary on the problems with audio latency in android (and why i eventually just gave up on that project).


Apple released a new iPad ad during the Olympics. If you’re curious to know which song they used, it’s the song “Driving” by Stolen Jars. Two other songs i picked from their previous ads: Goldengrove & The Kiss.
Frankly, I was surprised that Gruber mentioned Markdown previewing at all. If you’ve been around the Markdown community for any length of time, you know that the first rule of Markdown is: Gruber never talks about Markdown footnote from the awesome drdrang
Dr.Neil Degrasse Tyson on the Verge: .. the bulk of the Androids get their time from GPS satellites.. The time keeping bases for the GPS satellites was defined upto 1982 and since 1982, 15 seconds have been added to civil time and that 15s is not included in the Andorid time keeping settings (because their getting their time directly from GPS), whereas the iPhone compensates for this and puts the 15s backs in…