Toggle window resizing, moving or snapping with these Keyboard Maestro macros


Note on replacing TextExpander with Keyboard Maestro


tl;dr: brew install yqrashawn/goku/goku mkdir -p ~/.config && cd ~/.config touch karabiner/karabiner.json touch karabiner.edn # update your edn file with a sample from here https://github.com/yqrashawn/GokuRakuJoudo/blob/master/tutorial.md # or mine: https://gist.github.com/kaushikgopal/ff7a92bbc887e59699c804b59074a126 goku Background I’ve been messing with mechanical keyboards recently.1 There was one in particular which is a 60% layout that I fell in love with. The trouble with 60% keyboards though is that they can be pretty constraining for some basic operations (like navigation).