Henry - a customizable elegant Hugo theme with a gorgeous reading experience and packed with features
Henry - a customizable elegant Jekyll theme with a gorgeous reading experience and packed with features


I’ve been looking into Tufte CSS recently. Tufte CSS -inspired by the teachings of the legendary Edward Tufte1- provides suggestions and tools to style web articles for improved legibility. I’ve started to incorporate some of those principles here while still trying to keep the authenticity of my original design. Most of these changes have been in the realm of CSS however the sidenotes feature was a slightly trickier beast. I’ve implemented this feature in my blog theme “Henry” for both Hugo & Jekyll.
Two big announcements: I made my first screen cast 1 I’ve updated the permalink title for all the blog posts here 2 I wanted to make sure that external blogs linking to previous post links wouldn’t break. So in order to do this, I had to edit all of my previous blog posts and add a redirect_from tag. Life is too short to be doing this manually so I whipped up an awk program to do it for me in about 20 minutes.
This blog now 1 uses Jekyll - a static blog generator that takes markdown as an input and pumps html as output. I then copy it over to my hosting server - Firebase, which then happily serves it to the interwebs. This setup has worked out swimmingly well thus far and has been rock solid. Even when my last post got high up the ranks of HN, my blog held steady.