I’m always looking for legible, high-quality monospaced fonts for programming. I started with IBM Plex Mono, dabbled with a few others like Input Mono, even built a few from source like Iosevka, fell in and out of love with various others.

In early 2020, the foundry ArrowType released Recursive which has now become my daily driver.

What really got me hooked with Recursive —besides it being a gorgeous typeface— was the fact that it was open source and you could build it from source yourself (like Iosevka).

Here are the customizations I’ve made for myself:

Recursive custom settings

Download Recursive

I could keep extolling the virtues of this font but if you’re curious to just download and try it, here’s a couple of ways:

  • Go to the main website and hit the big blue “Get” button.
  • If you prefer my variant and are on MacOS:
brew tap kaushikgopal/tools
brew install --cask recursive

Or just download it here.