… You should mention what technologies you are using (because listing WCF or Java will save me the hassle of applying, and you the hassle of rejecting me), but don’t list specific tools, languages and frameworks as requirements.

Good developers who know Rails can learn Django or Node.

Going between Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres is all pretty trivial.

… I remember being asked quite eagerly, during a pre-interview, if I knew a specific view engine (like erb, or haml…). Seriously, a view engine!?!? A shitty programmer can learn a new view engine in 10 minutes. Or a more common one that always gets to me is listing some specific version control software. Or a specific library that solves a trivial problem (I see this all the time from the .NET world with DI and mocking frameworks)

Good programmers not only learn, but they want to learn. They often know enough about a technology so that they have a good feel for what problems it might solve; and only invest time truly learning it when it’s needed.

do read the article in its entirety. it’s pretty short and pure gold.