Given how many movies and TV shows we’ve been watching these days, it’s useful to have a personal rating system. I’ve used and tweaked this scale over time and it’s worked pretty well for me. How to use this system The scale ranges from 0-51 but coming up with a specific number off the top of your head is tricky. That’s where the associated descriptions comes in handy. Consider a movie and see if how you feel about the movie, matches with the associated descriptions.


Apple released a new iPad ad during the Olympics. If you’re curious to know which song they used, it’s the song “Driving” by Stolen Jars. Two other songs i picked from their previous ads: Goldengrove & The Kiss.
i would give my savings away for something like this. Daniel Araya
for his professional albums, he uses a combination of 4 mics as explained in this youtube video. the song he plays in the end is Mombasa, easily one of his best compositions. on the move he records with an Apogee ONE as seen in this youtube video. for an on-the-move mic and sound capture device, the Apogee ONE is simply mind blowing.


Proof that my TV watching addiction has not been in vain: In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 (House S03e13) Home by Zero 7 Grounds for Divorce by Elbow (House Season 6 premier) I’m not Drowning by Steve Winwood (House s05e18) Company by Philip Glass (House s05e23) High School Composition (House s03e15 : the one with Dave Mathew) possibly originally by Jon Ehrlich Pride by Syntax (Bones s01e16) Babylon by David Carbonora (Mad Men s01e06) Believe by The Bravery (Prison Break s04e07) Perfect Day by The Constellations (Chuck s04e08) Cobrastyle by Teddybears (Chuck s01e01)
So my brother introduced me to this really awesome BBC TV Series: Sherlock. If you’re a type nerd or design enthusiast, the very first thing you would notice is the brilliant typography used throughout the show. If you’re losing sleep finding out which fonts were used: AF Generation Z (in the text messages) P22 London Underground (when deducing the clues)
fantastic video, great stunts and carefully edited. must watch! Tempest Freerunning Academy. i just love the super smooth background score in the video. it’s a remix of the song Lights by Ellie Goulding and has become my favorite running tune. you can download it for free here. via: kottke.org