I’ve been looking into Tufte CSS recently. Tufte CSS -inspired by the teachings of the legendary Edward Tufte1- provides suggestions and tools to style web articles for improved legibility. I’ve started to incorporate some of those principles here while still trying to keep the authenticity of my original design. Most of these changes have been in the realm of CSS however the sidenotes feature was a slightly trickier beast. I’ve implemented this feature in my blog theme “Henry” for both Hugo & Jekyll.


This whole piece is such a biograpy treasure trove and one I’m filing under the “come back and read in a year” category. I’m highlighting some of the snippets in particular that really resonated with me: “This is going to allow people to watch video on our iPods, not just listen to music,” he said. “If we bring this product to market, will you put your television shows on it?” I said yes right away.