How I have my productivity system setup using Things and a monthly logging system


This whole piece is such a biograpy treasure trove and one I’m filing under the “come back and read in a year” category. I’m highlighting some of the snippets in particular that really resonated with me: β€œThis is going to allow people to watch video on our iPods, not just listen to music,” he said. β€œIf we bring this product to market, will you put your television shows on it?” I said yes right away.
The Japanese can chalk this up to their creative laurels along with: the Fujifilm X100S the Sony walkmans and one of my favorite Anime.


We need more kindness and positivity in our online lives today. There is no side, that cannot benefit from that. Being rational or correct is futile without empathy. You can have opposing (or even incorrect) views but you have to find a kind and positive way to express that. You either learn you’re wrong or convince the other of your point of view. But everyone is more willing to have the conversation, if approached with kindness and positivity.
One of the advantages of working in the Bay area is you tend to run in to tech celebrities every so often. I was working in Palo Alto (late 2015) on a previous startup (Wedding Party). My colleagues and I decided to get coffee at the nearby cafe. I saw Andy Rubin sitting outside casually talking to two other folks. I was certain it was him and told my buddies, “Hey, I think that’s Andy Rubin”.