This super intesting stack overflow answer explains why -in programming- if you have a sorted array, somehow magically it can seem like it’s easier to process each element vs processing the same array if it were unsorted. tl;dr - branch prediction With a sorted array, the condition data[c] >= 128 is first false for a streak of values, then becomes true for all later values. That’s easy to predict. With an unsorted array, you pay for the branching cost.
definitely dated, but interesting yardsticks. via Hacker News
You’d be surprised how valuable the skill of eloquent communication is even in the field of IT. Keeping users apprised with your progress is perhaps the most important thing to do when working with clients. But keeping them apprised is tricky business and the ability to clearly put down in words,what to expect, is a basic necessity today. Even if you have nothing to do with CS or computers, you should read the linked article.