The Android development community today has embraced Rx(Java) in all it’s glory. But as developer’s understanding of RxJava has matured, they’ve started to peel back the layers and unleash its true power and potential.

One such power is “Multicasting” where you get to share work across your app and reuse a whole bunch of stuff. This is really hard to do in general but Rx makes it really really easy.

Rx itself though has a steep learning curve. But the easiest way to grasp the concepts and features of Rx, is through examples. I’ve given talks in the past explaining Rx usage purely through examples and folks have found this to be the easiest way to warm up to Rx.

So that is what we’ll do today, learn by examples! In this talk, we look at fresh set of examples, all demonstrating the powerful concept of multicasting, but in the comfortable playground of simple and practical examples.