Note on replacing TextExpander with Keyboard Maestro
A nifty fish shell script that allows you to just hit enter and get useful directory information like git status or directory list.
A bunch of useful cli commands for converting & editing images & PDF files
A quick macOS tip on how to remove (or any app) from your Alfred & Spotlight search results
tl;dr: brew install yqrashawn/goku/goku mkdir -p ~/.config && cd ~/.config touch karabiner/karabiner.json touch karabiner.edn # update your edn file with a sample from here # or mine: goku Background I’ve been messing with mechanical keyboards recently.1 There was one in particular which is a 60% layout that I fell in love with. The trouble with 60% keyboards though is that they can be pretty constraining for some basic operations (like navigation).
I use a 13" MacBook Pro at work these days. Android Studio frequently sent my machine into a tailspin. Over time, I’ve had to tweak and update my AS settings to make AS work well on the 13". I figured I should post them here for posterity and the benefit of other AndroidDevs battling with deathly slow AS experiences. I’m posting the abridged instructions and linking to the blog posts that led me to these settings, if you care for the details.
I’m a little troubled that I love these kind of lifehack videos.