The title was just to grab your attention. The tl;dr version of this post is: get good at story telling. It’ll help you with two things: Becoming a better presenter. Improving your memory. I urge you though, to read this post in it’s entirety. You might some of the stories interesting: Presentations are generally looked at with much anxiety and trepidation (within the tech community at least). There are two ways to combat this:
Hear this recitation by Stephen Fry ((this man could read the instruction manual of a tape recorder and i would still link to it and love it)), then think about what he says. Hear it again, then meditate on what he says.
for all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities , we humans are capable of greatness… from the book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space by astronomer Carl Sagan
Truly inspirational stuff. I see a Tom Hanks movie script already in the making.
You’d be surprised how valuable the skill of eloquent communication is even in the field of IT. Keeping users apprised with your progress is perhaps the most important thing to do when working with clients. But keeping them apprised is tricky business and the ability to clearly put down in words,what to expect, is a basic necessity today. Even if you have nothing to do with CS or computers, you should read the linked article.