Spotlight Alfred show and iTerm

I use iTerm as my terminal of choice1. It constantly annoys me when I use Alfred or Spotlight that the (native macOS) app also shows up in the search results.

This is especially annoying on new computers when Alfred hasn’t learnt my preferences as would show up first in the results.


Quick googling shows two options:

  1. Add a Spotlight comment alfred:ignore
  2. Add the app to your Spotlight “privacy”

Option 1 is made a little complicated owing to the fact that you can’t add spotlight comments to native “Utilities” app on the Mac. I managed to do this but this option doesn’t work.

At first, Option 2 might also seem tricky since the file picker doesn’t allow you to pick Utilities apps again. But there’s an easy workaround:

  • Open Spotlight Preferences > Privacy Tab
  • Open new Finder window & search for “”
  • Drag search result to Privacy Tab on Spotlight preferences
  • type “Reload” in Alfred

Now, whenever I search for “Term”, I only see “iTerm” show up in my search results.


  1. Why I use iTerm is for another blog post. ↩︎